Saunter Paradise HotelSigiriya


Finding a hotel in Sigiriya is not a difficult task but of all Sigiriya hotels choosing the best one is the challenge. Because while you are there the hotel has to have access to all the locations and you should be able to travel hassle free. Sigiriya is a centralized location of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. It is also an ancient kingdom with many fascinating stories and must see locations.


Sigiriya has been accredited as a UNESCO world heritage site, due to the splendid historical and cultural value it upholds. When you find accommodation in Sigiriya Sigiriya it is important to find a place with close proximity to the historical Sigiriya rock fortress. Because exploration of Sigiriya fortress will be a complete days task. But the journey is all worth the time and effort because it has so much experience to offer. It is one of the best preserved examples of ancient urban planning and also the most visited historic site in Sri Lanka. Through the finding of archeological experiments, Sigiriya is also referred to as the 8th world wonder.


Dambulla is known for the famous cave temple which boasts a significant archeological and historical value. It is the largest and the best preserved cave temple complex in Sri Lanka which contains statues and paintings.


Safari with the Saunter Paradies team at Minneriya and Kaudulla national parks large herds of Elephants and other wild animals can be seen in their natural habitats. Bird watching is also a very popular activity in this area.

Dambulla City Tour

On the Dambulla city tour there are many places to visit that are of historical cultural importance. Some of the main attractions are the Buddhist Museum and the Sri Lankas biggest vegetable market.


Anuradahpura is a UNESCO heritage site that once used to be the ruling capital of Sri Lanka. Known for the famous ruins and historical artifacts of the early Sri Lankan civilization, there are so many places to visit here.


It is the second most ancient city of Sri Lanka and is also famous for the ruins of famous Buddhist temples. Polonnaruwa is also recognized for large water reservoirs and tanks constructed by the ancient kings.